Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Firefox Add-on: Google shortcuts - all google services

This add-on displays all Google services  as buttons or as a space-saving dropdown menu next to your address bar or anywhere you like it in your Firefox.

You can download from here.

Of course it works with Firefox 4 as well.
And you should decide which services should be available as buttons..

So if you reinstalled your operating system for example, you don't need to search for the google related links and put them into a separate folder in firefox, its time consuming, you just download this addon and you will got EVERY service what google can offer.

Anyway, the name of this addon was "GButts" but now knowing as "Google Shortcuts" . Definitely this is a better name :-)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Useful for web developers: "HeaderControl" add-on

If you familiar with web programming, you know that sometimes Googlebot (the google crawler)
sees your website differently what you expect. If you open a website with Firefox or Internet Explorer or any other client, your browser first send  an  "HTTP header" to  the website. This header got a field, named "user agent" which tells the webserver what client do you using. For example if the user agent is something like this "...Chrome/9.0.597.107 Safari/534.13",  than the webserver knows you are using Chrome browser.

So every client has got a specific user-agent. For example the googlebot or yahoo crawler have got different user-agents as well (they are "clients" too). So the webserver usually knows if the website visited by a crawler or just by a real user who using a browser.

Now with the HeaderControl Firefox add-on you can change your Firefox client to google crawler or anything you want, so you will see what that crawlers "see" in a website.

You can set your user-agent website specific if you want, too.

A note:
In the HeaderControl, you can set refferrer , or Accept-Language as well. So its recommended for web programmers.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Add-on: custom search bar to your firefox

Well, the "add to search bar" firefox add-on can make your life much easier.
If you open, for example, Twitter every  time when you want to find somebody, or if you load Facebook every time you want to search on it...

Then, this add-on is invented for you. You can add any search engine you want  to your Firefox, and you don't
need to open every site you want to search on.
You can download this add-on here: -add-to-search-bar-

Here is a simple .gif to show how this works:

Hope you enjoy !

Friday, March 4, 2011

Firefox4 is coming

Everyone knows Firefox 4 will be released in 2011 March. Its high time to do, because Chrome and the other browsers will be draw away fast. And if people switch to another browser, and they satisfied with it, they won't change back.

Of course everyone can download the beta version of it:

Firefox 4 Mozilla has unveiled a new HTML5/CSS 3 showcase  to demo some of the new web standards support coming in Firefox 4. This is very impressive, isn't it!

Right now there are just only three demos on Web o' Wonder, but Mozilla plans to add more...

screenshot from Firefox4 "mixed reality" demo (Web o' Wonder)

Hello Firefox fans

The blog will try to cover some Firefox related stuff. Its revelant because Firefox 4 will be coming in 2011 March.
I will cover some useful  plugins  as well, both from Firefox4 and and from the prior versions too.

So remember: still Firefox is the best browser :)